Irish Christmas in America: The Show

Téada 2006 CD/DVD release 1. Rileanna:Lady Montgomery/Follow Mw Down/Give The Girl Her Fourpence/Tie The Bonnet 2. Port Luascach/Poirt Shingile:The Tenpenny Piece/Comb Your Hair And Curl It/Larry Mcdonagh's 3. Mairseail/Rince Scioboil/Ril:Jamesy Gannon's/Mcdermott's/Over The Moor To Peggy 4. Ta Dha Ghabharirin Bhui Agam/The Shelf Nora Criona 5. Nora Criona Delia Keane's/The Horse's Loetard/Sean Bui/The Dawn Chorus 7. The Ebb Tide/Peter Wyper's 8. Sarah's Delight/Paddy Sean Nancy's/The Ireland We Knew/The Ewe Reel Planxty Crilly/ 9. Planxty Crilly/Micho Russell's/Mickey Callaghan's 10. Port Aitheantais Na Gcaipini/Johnny's So Long At The Fair 11. Bonnie Ann/John Kelly's/The Boy In The Boat


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