Irish Christmas in America: The Show

Solo Fiddle Album released by Ceol Productions/Green Linnet in 2002 1. The Tap Room/The Kerryman's Daughter (reels) 2. Mary Brennan's Favourite/The White Leaf (fling & reel) 3. The Strayaway Child Jig 4. The Flannel Jacket/The Maid That Dare Not Sail (reels) 5. Moneymusk/Jim Hannon's (flings) 6. Jackson's Morning brush, the rambling pitchfork (jigs) 7. Bean A' Leanna (slow air) 8. Larry McDonagh's/Cock Up & C & C (single jigs) 9. The Maids of Mount Kisco/Johnny Henry's (reels) 10. The Morning Thrush (reel) 11. The Lard in the Morning/Tony Kenny's/Sheila's Jig (jigs) 12. The Frisco Hornpipe/Walsh's Hornpipe (hornpipes) 13. The Tinker's Frolic/John Egan's (reels) 14. The Merry Girl/Charlie O'Neill's (polkas) 15. The Rainy Day/The Trip to Durrow (reels) 16. Peter Wyper's/The Killarney Wonder (hornpipe & schottische) 17. Aughamore/Hughie's Cap (reels) Guest musicians: John Carty - fiddle Séamus Quinn - piano John Blake - guitar Seán Mc Elwain - bouzouki Damien Stenson - flute Tristan Rosenstock - bodhrán


Price: $20.00

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